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Here at the Carron Fish Bar, being environmentally friendly is at the heart of what we do. We are continuously looking for new ways of providing fish and chips while minimising the environmental impact


We believe that our award winning Fish and Chips deserves the best boxes! Our new branded boxes are the perfect (even if we do say so ourselves) match for your award winning supper!

Even better still, the are 100% recyclable!!

2 compartment jumbo boxes

“Pan-Perfect” Fish & Chips

Two compartment boxes have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years because they provide the, virtually, perfect way to serve and to transport Fish & Chips. This makes them ideal for both takeaway and for home delivery.

These 2 compartment boxes are recyclable!!


At the Carron Fish Bar we  have made the switch from plastic forks to bio-degradable forks. 

Our forks are made from plant based PLA, so they are renewable!

These forks are bio-degradable (perfect for composting)!


All of our plastic and paper bags are made from recycled material and are all bio-degradable!

Waste oil collection 

At the Carron Fish Bar, we recycle every drop of oil that we use! 

All of our oil is collected regularly by Henry Colebeck, where they recycle all of our used oil and then turn it into aviation fuel. 


Recycling is important to us. Thats why we recycle all of our packaging, paper, plastic and cans! This is done through a weekly collection from the Aberdeenshire council! 

Food waste recycling

All of our food waste is collected weekly  by Keenan Recycling. Keenan Recycling Ltd take all of our food waste and either turn it into green energy or convert it into premium grade compost!

High efficiency frying range 

We use a high efficiency KFE Kiremko Frying range. 

This frying range is highly efficient, with the pans having around a 94% efficiency. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint due to the reduced COemissions!

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